Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Individual Workshops

I've had a bunch of people asking me about workshops and mentorship lately. After quite a bit of thought, I've decided to try something a little different: the individual workshop.

Here's the idea:
-1 on 1 with me for a half-day or full day.
-At my studio or on-location
-Curriculum is completely customized to your needs

Basically, I work as your private tutor in anything you want to know about the art or business of photography. The nice thing about this is that its actually much easier to do this kind of workshop than the larger group format, which means that I can make it quite cost-effective.

Let me know if you are interested and I'll provide some more details!


Aaron Shapiro said...

Evan! I'd be extremely interested. Lighting, lighting, lighting my friend. Let me know shapirophoto@mac.com

Deb said...

Definitely interested (except you already knew that). I'm willing to travel - we may be in Nashville in July anyway. I'll know more details soon.

McCoy Studio said...

First of all, let me tell you that I enjoy the rich content of your blog, and your precise photography, especially your shots of jewelry. The clarity is amazing. It's so clear that it almost looks like many photos, each with a perfect focal point, stitched together into one photo. I totally dig it.

I'm interested in your Individual workshops.

So many topics, so little time.
hmmm, maybe low light scenarios, placement of off camera lighting, hyper-focal point, composition/color, lines, shapes, dynamic tension, balance, posing, light, etc. (just for starters)

Sounds like I should look at the "Full Day" session. Let me know your requirements and availability.

Sinclair Photography said...

Hey Evan! I would definitely be interested! I had a blast with you guys at the Factory workshop last year and one on one sounds great! Just need to know more details. Thanks!

Alicia PP said...

Hey Evan I would like more info on your workshops...

Deb said...

Evan - do you do "one on two" workshops? I'd like to travel to Nashville this summer with Matt, and I think it would be helpful for both of us to sit in on a workshop together. The focus would be on what I need to learn, but it's helpful for him as well, since he'll be shooting with me. I'm saving up now! I do need to know if/when you are free so we can think about seriously scheduling it.

Hartz PhotoGraphic said...

I would be interested as well. It would be good to focus on the technical side and workflow. I would also love for maybe some one on one with Michelle, I know she would totally dig that!
Joel Hartz

Rina said...

Evan, I found your blog through a friend of mine who had some portraits taken with you a few months ago. Your work is amazing, and I've thoroughly enjoyed looking through your website and your blog. I'm curious as to whether you'd be willing to work with a complete beginner? I just bought my first SLR camera and am trying to learn what I can on my own, but I realize that I'm going to lean much more through something like this than I'll ever be able to learn on my own. You can email me at Dunamiss777@yahoo.com if you'd be willing to consider working with me.
Thank you so much!