Friday, June 5, 2009

Lisa: Bridal Portraits

Wow, its been a busy few weeks and its not getting any slower! I apologize to y'all if my emails and phone calls aren't as super-prompt as I usually try to be. I was away in the early part of this week up in Chicago shooting a wedding with my good friend Sam Hassas, which also gave me the opportunity to spend some quality time with my brother and sister-in-law. For those of you who don't know Sam, he's a brilliant wedding photographer based in San Jose, and I've had the privilege of shooting with him twice in the past year.

Anyway, a few months back we took Lisa to Union Station in downtown Nashville to create some stylish bridal portraits. Unfortunately, the Mexican resort where Lisa got married didn't allow outside photographers, but I'll be photographing her state-side reception in a few weeks up in Indianapolis. Now that Lisa is safely married, I'm able to post these portraits of which I'm quite proud. The folks over at Hair Mafia did a great job on her hair and makeup, which really makes a huge difference!

Please click for a larger view!


Scott Andrew said...

Evan, such immaculate work. Lisa looks gorgeous, the location is amazing, the dress stunning. I'm super impressed. You can tell that you have a great connection with your clients, bravo.

Maverick said...

Wow, really great job in this set. Really captures that timeless, classic feel. Especially like the first and the last ones!

Gray Photography - Zach and Jody - Nashville Wedding Photography said...

Great set Evan! Really classy stuff!

Saad Syed said...

Beautiful work - these bridals are epic. I love your B/W conversions, but what stands out even more is the framing.