Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lisa & Robbie: Reception

Amanda & I traveled up to Indianapolis this weekend to photograph the state-side reception for Lisa & Robbie following their wedding in the Mayan Riviera. When we arrived at the hotel, it was completely full of Phish fans fresh from a concert and smelling of various illegal substances. We were barely able to secure a room!

Due to scheduling issues, we were forced to execute the group photos in some of the harshest conditions possible for a photographer: bright midday sun and 90+ degree heat. A little lighting magic (ok, a LOT!) gave us some really lovely portraits, but I sure had to work for it!

Since this was a reception and not a wedding, many of the things you might expect to see in my sets are missing (IE ceremony).

Please click for a larger image!

Did I mention the bright overhead sun?

By far my favorite image of the day. This is Robbie to a T.

Groom and bridesmaid
setting off fireworks and running away...

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Phil Thornton said...

Thanks for the kind words on our blog Evan. These shots are great, I love that firework/running shot!